Mountain village Griz

For the first time I saw the mountainous village of Griz in 2014. It was a hot summer day. We planned to get to the Jack village through the Griz village by the path «99 turns» from Chaygovushan (the confluence of the rivers Elikchay and Gudialchay), where we pitched a camp. We stayed at the village less than 15 minutes just to find out the way and soon left.

At this time, the Griz village appeared before me on a cold snowy day with a clear sky and bright stars …

Горное село Грыз

It allowed me to make incredible night shots. I took a picture of the VIII century Abu Muslim mosque, the movement of the stars over the Caucasian mountains, etc.



At dawn we went to the frozen waterfall on the Gudialchay river, young Ramin showed us the way — the son of the house owner, who kept a good house.


The dawn at -15 with the clear sky — it is always very nice colors. The waterfall had frozen recently. The Ice at its inception was thin and did not stand when I tried to get closer.



The waterfall itself is located in a kind of cave.




Having returned back, we talked to the locals and soon left the village. We had to walk to the village Gyryzdehne where we left our car, because of the high snow level. A villager took us to the Griz on his UAZ car with chains on the wheels …

Griz village is very a beautiful and original place. Residents are always welcome, even though there are no often guests due to bad roads. After having stayed at Griz just for a day, I realized that perhaps even a whole month is not enough  to see all its beauty…

I will definitely try to come here again.