Found in Peace

They say, the Caspian sea breathes. Its water level is subject to change. Over the past year, the water had receded from the shore, revealing all that previously rested on the bottom and was not available to the eye. Thanks to this, I was able to come very close to the shrunken once aground and found peace old ship and take a picture of him in the pre-dawn silence.


I took this picture in the Gurgyan village, which is located on the northern shore of the Absheron, it is 60 km far from the capital of Azerbaijan — Baku.


It was early morning, when the sun has not yet appeared, but you can already see its light violet-red, turning into yellow. Beginning of November, the water is quite cold. And in order to approach the ship, it is necessary to come into water which is above the knee and walk about 20-30 meters. I was in water about 40 minutes, having made about 30 photos.


I wanted to take the picture during the windless weather when water has a mirror surface and perfectly reflects. Such kind of weather conditions are very rare for Absheron. I was lucky on that day that had a clear weather and very beautiful morning light.


The picture was taken by Canon 6D with Canon 17-40mm L lens and B+W CPL filter. I used a tripod (brand Slik) to take a long exposure photo.


I like to shoot sea landscapes very much. When I do it, I often use some main object — a pier, a platform… I was fascinated by pictures of abandoned ships running aground. Forsaken and lonely, leaned to the side — they caused mixed feelings in me. But this ship stood smoothly and proudly, as if soaring in the air.


I edited the photo a bit to level the brightness of the sky and the ship using Luminosity masks. Also I edited white balance — set colder tone to get the atmosphere of estrangement and serenity. I removed few details, where some areas of land were out of the water.

In my camera bag

I usually carry with me a camera Canon 6D with Canon 17-40mm L objective, about three spare batteries, remote control and a set for optics cleaning.


When you take a photo of such kind of old abandoned ships, it is important to ask yourself — what feelings and story it brings to you. Maybe it’s a violent warrior who spent all his life in fight. Perhaps, a traveler who visited several corners of the earth, or a breadwinner, which helped the fishermen to fish. And depending on it, we need to choose the weather: more dramatic with a cloudy sky and stormy sea, romantic with light waves and almost transparent clouds on the horizon or a clear, calm and windless day. It is also important to take into consideration a different light conditions in order to understand when the picture expresses the mood and history better.